Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Late News.............

In Speech, Obama Fails to Mention Terrorism

Top Obama Aide: U.S. System Not Worthy of Obama

Don’t Scrap America’s Ballistic Missile Submarines

Damn, skooled by the Chicago Tribunal

EU: Let's regulate journalist​s

The irresponsi​bly stupid and dangerous camouflage patterns of the U.S. military

With President Obama barely sworn in, EMILY’s List plans a female president for 2016

McConnell letter: They’re out to ‘take your guns’

Will Joe Biden run for president in 2016?

Mars Hill pastor: Obama “likely does not know” God

CDR Salamander​: Sea Swap .... German Style

The Best and Worst Run Cities in America

Obama concedes: Obamacare didn't do anything for rising health care costs

Google, Facebook, Amazon may be subject to French taxes

Huge Swath of France Smells Like Rotten Eggs - No, not permanentl​y

The Liberals' War on Science: Scientific American

Killing Conservati​ve Talk Radio, One Market at a Time

House Republican​s plan to keep debt limit but suspend it until May

Payroll tax increase may nick consumer spending

Nebraska governor approves revised Keystone pipeline route

Did Democrats finally find a way to bypass House Republican​s?

The Oscars for people with big noses

Celebratin​g awkward moments of Joe Biden, 'America's happy warrior'

Guns Stop Three Home Invasions, Store Robbery

Navy can't scrap ships, but can't fix them either

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