Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Late News............

Muslim Global Agenda Succeeding With Support From The Western Political Elite

Solving the Password Problem

Florida socialite at center of David Petraeus scandal breaks silence

Clinton denies 'delay' in Benghazi response, despite accounts

Duck makes inaugurati​on lunch controvers​ial

Larry Summers: America’s many deficits

Japan probe finds Boeing 787 battery not overcharge​d

Cheese Fire Closes Norway Tunnel—for Days

Clinton facing grilling on deadly Benghazi attack

French Troops Push Further Into Mali, Desperatel​y Try To Surrender

Why do the worst anti-Semites come from Europe?

Drug-track​ing 'Fat Albert' blimp in Florida Keys is getting deflated

Hillary: What difference does it make if there were no protests in Benghazi?

Where Fascism Lives: Food, Fascism, and Obama Rules

Russian T-22M3 bombers bought by Chinese

Secretary of State Clinton's Stunningly Incomplete Opening Statement on the Benghazi Attack

The Antigun Movement's Bridge Too Far

Reid to GOP: Filibuster reform in 36 hours or the nuclear option

Global 'tea cartel' formed to raise cost of a cuppa

Syrian rebels burn and plunder religious sites

Feinstein's Assault Weapons Ban Comes Tomorrow

Did China Test its “Carrier-Killer?”

Obama Government Equal to Population in 1776

Cameron's EU hokey-cokey pig-in-a-pokey

Hot new idea in Ireland: Legalizing drunk driving in rural areas

Court: Sex offender Facebook ban unconstitu​tional

‘Princess Bride’ shirt frightens passengers on flight

The New Lie: Clinton, Dems Blame Congress for Benghazi

Re: France and the Brexit

Union Membership Hits 62-Year Low

Rand Paul to Hillary: Let's face it, you should have been fired over Benghazi

Pentagon lifts restrictio​ns on women in combat

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