Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Late News............

I am home .... i am tired .... it will be a while before i post again ....

Obama Wants To Girlify Football While The British Threaten To Nationalise Soccer

CDR Salamander​: LCS: How Did We Get Here?


Obama administra​tion closing Gitmo-clos​ing office

DHS Seeks 7,000 AR-15s with 30 Round Magazines for 'Personal Defense'

BLACKFIVE: Skeet Shooter in Chief challenged to match

BLACKFIVE: Get Over It! We Are Not All Created Equal

Obama Prepares Poison Pills on Immigratio​n

Tax increase hits consumer confidence hard

Bipartisan plan targets 11 million illegal immigrants

WaPo: Assault-we​apons ban is probably DOA

Judge OKs $4B BP oil spill criminal settlement

Taco Bell Pulls Ad Denouncing Vegetables After Twitter Protest - Taco Bell Responds to Tweets About TV Commercial Making Fun of Vegetables

Notorious "gun map" wildly inaccurate

Obama Readies Unilateral Move on Cybersecurity

Sunstein: Obama Wants 'Second Bill of Rights'

Aleppo executions: 79 bodies pulled from Syria river

Egypt general wasn't just making a statement - that was a warning

Looters rampage through Timbuktu

Barack Obama in the line of fire as sceptics target his shooting claims

Marsha Blackburn Challenges Obama to a Skeet Shoot

A Leader Singles Out his Enemies in the Press

Let’s Stop! Michelle Abandons “Let’s Move” Campaign

Obama’s Destruction of America On Fast-Track Second Term Start

Researchers find new clues why Mobile built Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley sank

WWII veteran dies after 2013 Senior Bowl, leaves lasting impression on couple he met by chance

Mitchell Foundation for POW research Is re-established

A third term for President Barack Obama? It could happen

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