Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Maybe a new hairdo would make a difference​?.....................from Rico

Big surprise. Save for Rand paul, no one...say again: no one in Congress has the cojones to take-on Mrs C over the Benghazi murders.
- All we 'know' is that she faked illness to delay today's testimony, and she remains on track to become the next President.

Watching the disHonorable Hillary Clinton ask "what difference does it make?! [Benghazi] Made me want to say "why none, I suppose....unless you were a gay ambassadorial Obama-appointee from Chicago who was set up for multiple rape and murder Gleiwitz-style."

But, maybe a new "hairdo" like Hanoi Jane or the First Wookie might help her find some clarity.
- The wig she's wearing seems just a little too tight....

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TheBigHenry said...

The Clinton pic is the perfect illustration for the question, "Shove it where?"