Tuesday, 1 January 2013

'New...'........................from Rico

Forget the "new" normal, or even the "new" year and consider the "new" stupid.

The dunces in the Senate welcomed the "new" year by demonstrating the "new" stupid at 2:00 am today, in the latest act of the Fiscal Cliff Follies.
- Poor things must have been punch drunk from overwork, or possibly just drunk.

Their phoney solution to the phoney problem of the 'Fiscal Cliff' is:
- Hike taxes by 620 billion dollars (over 10 years, but still the largest tax increase in 20 years).
- Cut spending by 15 billion dollars now.
- Completely IGNORE the spending side of the problem.

Such a deal!!!
- The House would have to be blind drunk to go for this. Could they really be as stupid as the Senate?

Wait....with a 9% or lower approval rating, 94% of Congressional incumbents running for re-election were re-elected. How stupid is THAT?
- If the American voter is that stupid, no wonder NO ONE in Congress seems to care what the voter 'thinks' (since apparently they do not think).

.......and the Fat Lady is warming up as she gets ready to sing to everyone!!!

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Anonymous said...

Over 5% of all the worlds wealth spent/wasted every year by the geniuses on the Potomac, why does no one ever point out that they already have as much as the entire GDP of the 4th largest economy in the world funneled/skimmed through the cess pool on the Potomac!

Michael Gene