Thursday, 24 January 2013


Women in Combat Roles

BLACKFIVE: A Lovely Parting Gift - Mr Panetta To Authorize Women For Combat Roles

Women in combat: Will they have to register for the draft?

“What Difference Does it Make?” Plenty

WaPo and CBS reporters: Yeah, actually, it makes a difference​, Hillary

Michelle Obama, where are your table manners?

Stranger than fiction: The Italian mafia hearts green energy

Kirkuk to build a trench around city

Turkey Seeks 'Interdepe​ndence' With Iraqi Kurdistan

John McCain: Bring Benghazi Survivors to Capitol Hill

KPD switching to higher caliber service weapons

Digital subscripti​ons might be going up for NYT readers

Never mind what he did in the war, check out what happened in Tanzania/T​anganyika

North Korea to carry out third nuclear test 'aimed at US'

15,000 crocodiles escape from South African farm

Trillions of dollars worth of oil found in Australian outback

Hillary Lets the Jihadist Cat Out of Bag

Dems Introduce Bill Banning High Capacity Magazines

Asia’s Other Island Spat…Between Japan and Russia

CIA FOIA Request Denied before Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony

Yes, It Matters Whether Beyonce Sang the National Anthem

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