Friday, 25 January 2013


The Truth About Assault Weapons

Stupid Bitch


Hillary Clinton's Campaign Debt Mysterious​ly Paid Off Before Benghazi Testimony

Manchin backpedals on gun control after constitute​nts confront him

Allen West: "Now is not the time to play a social experiment with our ground combat forces"

Rand Paul to John Kerry: If it was wrong to bomb Cambodia without Congress's approval, why is bombing Libya without approval okay?

Biden on assault weapons: You're more likely to hit someone with a shotgun, you know

U.S. Senate OKs tweak to filibuster rules

Fertility rate drops in Afghanista​n, but will it continue?

Hillary Clinton’s Postmodernism

$387Bn Congressio​nal Study Proves 'Pen Not Mightier Than The Sword'

Guns that would be banned under Feinstein plan

Gun control proposals could split President Obama, Harry Reid

Fetuses not people, Catholic hospital says in court

Academics for ObamaCare stunned to find the cost

Number Of Nation's Sheriffs Refusing To Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws Snowballs

LEGO 'Jabba the Hutt' Star Wars toy accused of racism by Turkish Cultural Group

Is the heat of combat in Iraq or Afghanistan any place for a woman?

North Korea threatens South Korea over UN sanctions

West ready to donate millions to coup leader in fight for Mali

Mark Zuckerberg to hold political fundraiser for Chris Christie

Muslim Gangs Enforce Sharia Law in London

Obama Democrats Mess with Texas, Plot to Turn Lone Star State Blue

China developing rail mobile strategic missiles

China: Changing its Tune on North Korea?

America’s Pivot: One Big Contradiction

U.S. Military Could Redefine Global-Strike Weapons

Syrian jets bomb rebel areas near Damascus as Assad’s troops battle opposition fighters for control of key road

Senator Feinstein’s Bizzare New Weapons Legislation

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