Thursday, 31 January 2013


Coke Superbowl Ad Called Racist Against Arabs?

Santelli: We are now Europe

Ferocious battle for strategic suburb could hold the keys to Damascus

'Carrying a Gun Saved My Life': Meet Ryan Moore

Scientists figure out what makes beer good for you

Major lobbies going toe-to-toe in the ongoing ethanol-ma​ndate battle

Firefox to block content based on Java, Reader, and Silverligh​t

Japan's Dec. Industrial Output Misses Forecasts

Raisin farmers in SCOTUS case face $650K charge if they don't give half their crop to the feds

Menendez denies allegation​s involving free trips, prostitute​s

Men who help with traditiona​l women chores get less sex

Time Inc. to cut 600 jobs

Immigratio​n: Mexico Stays Out of Debate

The SAS: a special force that's needed more than ever

Iran to upgrade nuclear centrifuges at Natanz

North Korea 'under martial law'

Syrian opposition leader ready to hold talks with Bashar al-Assad

Syria Crosses Israel’s WMD Red Line

US Patriot deployment in Turkey mired in bureaucratic red tape

Russia slams Israeli attack on Syria. US forces in Jordan on alert

Why The Immigration Bill Doesn’t Matter

Why Democrats Want to Keep Hispanics Poor

China’s New Militancy

Lessons From Mali

Actual Beyonce National Anthem Recording Uncovered

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