Monday, 7 January 2013

No, this is NOT a movie, but history repeating itself in America.
- Bad history.

As Chicago goes, so would the "progressives" have America go from freedom to fascism. Let's consider the "Chicago Model."

1. Chicago was once known as the 'windy city' and while it still is home to the windiest Alinskyite "progressives" in the nation, under the able stewardship of Barry Soetoro's right hand man Rahm 'the Godfather' Emmanuel it is now the deadliest global city, known as for murders and violence.
- Huzzah for Hizzonor!

2. The 2012 murder rate for Chicago was 17% higher than 2011. Why? Are the disarmed law-abiding citizens of this town crazy? Nope, it's the +100,000 gang members who won't turn-in perfectly good guns just because of some half-assed law are a big factor is the Chicago PD's undermanned and out-gunned 200-man Gang Enforcement Unit. Tough break fella's, you have a twinkletoes Commie Mayor and regime to deal with, too.
- There is some GOOD NEWS however, somehow 'overlooked' in the media is the fact that 83% of those murdered last year had criminal records! Fancy that!

So, with perfectly idiotic "progressive" logic, pulling freedom's teeth (guns) from the law-abiding (a) does nothing to protect the honest citizen, and (b) does nothing to prevent a key Democratic constituency from shooting one-another.
- Sounds like yet another lose-lose 'solution' brought to you by Barry, Rahm, and their fellow travelers....let's have some fascism to solve the problem of freedom. Yeah, that'll work.......

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