Thursday, 24 January 2013

Nonsense, horse sense, and common sense.........................from Rico

Like many, I did NOT watch Barry bloviate during his coronation.
- From what I hear, it was pure, unadulterated, Communist-Socialist nonsense.

Old Paint in this cartoon has the right idea, and did not even need a teleprompter to express it.
- Call it horse sense.

For the clueless [read: Barry supporters, and Democrats (C)] it's worthwhile to ignore what these maroons SAY, but what they are DOING. These collectivist enemies of individual freedom are ACTING like:
- Karl Marx has won, and equal justice for ALL is gone.
- The Courts, claiming they lack the power to strike down Communism, won't rule on the matter.
- The boogeyman of Bin Laden was used to create DHS, justifying the destruction of civil rights and everything the Founding Fathers and ALL veterans to date fought and died for.
- What remains is a Regime, not a Republic, funded by tax collection despite the admonition of the Founding Fathers who said: NO DIRECT TAXATION.

Some good "Common Sense" like Tom Paine wrote about is long overdue in America.

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