Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Overnight News...........

The american insurrection .... can the "elites" take refuge in "hiding" ....

Preggers Terrorist, Morgan Gliedman

You like apples obama? .... well, how do you like these apples? ....

The New Coast Guard Cutters...

Obama Already Getting More Flexible For Putin: Planning to Seize Control of Our Defenses?

CDR Salamander​: LCS, Swarms, and the Smallness of our Problems

Financial infidelity has its costs

Space may accelerate Alzheimer'​s in astronauts

Afghan forces to take control of more provinces

USMC Transforma​tion...

Poll: Obama, Clinton still USA's most admired persons

Iraqi PM Al-Maliki Calls for Early Elections, Warns of Turkish "Plan" to Divide Iraq

Al-Assad will not quit before 2014: Russia

US Army Abrams replacemen​t...

Telepresen​ce robots let employees ‘beam’ into work

Obama signs renewal of foreign surveillan​ce law

Movies struggle to find 'the end'

The Five Largest Landowners in America

Cheap Bubbly Or Expensive Sparkling Wine? Look To The Bubbles For Clues

Senate report details changes in Benghazi explanatio​ns

CIC'S 2012 year end awards

The Rebirth Of Rye Whiskey And Nostalgia For 'The Good Stuff'

Ouchie: Gun Gear Store Rips 'Marxist Piece Of Sh!t' Obama & Useful Idiot Media

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