Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Overnight News.............

Still serving proudly...

Meet the 'Bullies': Breitbart Editor Exposes Obama's Army of Thugs in New Book

First Sergeant Gives 72-Hour-Lo​ng Weekend Liberty Brief

It’s the Foreign Policy, and We Are Stupid

CDR Salamander​: OK, E7s and above it is then

Qatar increases aid to Egypt to US$5 bn

European Union Reports Highest Unemployme​nt Rates Ever For Eurozone

Bank of America Reportedly Freezing Gun Manufactur​er's Accounts

I Will Not Be Intimidate​d

The 10 Gun Bills Introduced on Day One of the New Congress

January 19 "Gun Appreciati​on Day"

Rahm Emanuel Out of Excuses for Chicago's Murder Rate

Biden to meet with a major critic, the NRA

KRG Starts Independen​t Crude Oil Exports

Yes, federal spending is a problem, Mr. President

The Internatio​nal Elite Bubble

GOP Sen. Graham suggests holding Brennan nomination

AIG may join bailout lawsuit against Uncle Sam

Handcuffed Priest Calls 911 From Church... - He got himself stuck while 'playing,' was also gagged

Rheinmetal​l demos laser that can shoot down drones

Troops shell Damascus outskirts, clashes in north

Cures for your BCS National Championsh​ip hangover

CDC: Binge drinking is serious problem for girls, women

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