Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Remember this during the next 'raid'....​...........from Rico

With the paper 'raids' in the metals spot market on the monthly COMEX/CRIMEX options expiry now behind us, it's worth noting:

1. The FOMC meeting ends today. Wednesday.
- Paper 'raids' in the metals spot market usually accompany the FOMC announcement.

2. The "jobs" report comes out from fantasy, the BLS the next day. Friday.
- Paper 'raids' in the metal spot market usually accompany the jobs announcement.

NOT that I'm suggesting to the CFTC 'regulators' or to the SEC that there is a decade-long 'pattern' here of 'managing' the spot markets or anything!
- Go back to sleep you useless slugs.

For my bullion friends, here is something to remember when you are in the 'paper raid shelter' with your helmets tightly strapped-on waiting for the Cartel paper-blitz to pass:
- Silver is UP 675% since 2001 when it was trading at $4/oz.
- Gold is UP 466% since 2001 when it was tarding at $300/oz.

BOTH will be going higher.
- Silver moreso than Gold, but both will be going higher.

Bring it ON you mugs! Let's see what you pathetic crooks 'got' ....bwa-hahahahahaha!!! You cannot touch my entry points.
- Better to 'sit tight' and 'be right' all y'awl!

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