Monday, 21 January 2013

Required to ASK..................from Rico

OK, so Obamacare 'requires' your health care provider to ASK you a bunch of intrusive, personal, none-of-gummint's bizness stuff.

What do you do?

If a response is required by law, then respond by:

Answering NO.
- Fill-in the blanks with ESAD and/or FOAD.

Myself, I favor "Exactly WHAT business is THAT of YOURS?"
- Of course, asking politely if the answers will be given on the next broadcast of ABC-CBS-NBC-CNN or Honey Boo Boo should rate you as "no threat" to the current regime and you'll get a 'pass' on the filed report with Big Sis and the Holding Company.

This should 'clog' the system's bureauRatic arteries!

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