Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sayonara Twitter.......................by Dan Friedman

I’ve lived well without Twitter my entire life, and it looks like I’ll have to start again. My account was just suspended for such a ridiculous reason that Twitter would go out of business if every Tweeter obeyed it. While I was a member in good standing, I discovered Twitter is crawling with hate-filled Muslims and Christian proselytizers (the latter often disguising themselves as Jews.) I spoke my mind politely, and one group or both must have ganged up on me and complained to the teacher. As soon as they found out I was a Jew who knew how to defend himself and his people, I was gone.

BTW: Tweeter gave me an easy way to be reinstated: check off a few boxes, admit my mistake and promise to never do it again. Nuts! This is the part of “social media” you don’t read about – censorship by the mob. They can keep their 140 characters. This is where I’ll make my stand. I’ve still never found a better way than email to get my message across. Up to this point this message is over a thousand characters. The hell with them!

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