Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Silver. Quietly, oh so quietly..................from Rico

For my Silver friends. Pay heed!

This was buried in a market filing yesterday. Few will note it, or comment on it.
- Certainly NOT the money-honey's of FTV or the Barry-honey's of the MSM (and yes, I mean pansies like YOU Chris Mathews), so if you are making your decisions....hell, let's not sugar-coat this....if you are making ANY decisions based upon what these presstitutes tell you, you are going to be badly hurt.

Quietly, oh so very quietly, paragons of trustworthiness and virtue (like HSBC for example), have been acquiring hoards of physical bullion.
- In today's "not in the news" it is HSBC that has been buying physical Silver bullion in the form of "good delivery" bars. In the last 12 months HSBC has purchased ~$876 million dollars worth of Silver from KGHM, one of the largest Silver producer/refiners in the world.

You already have 'heard' the rumors of physical silver shortages delaying Apple production in China, and the abrupt 'halt' of Silver Eagle coin production by the US Mint which has apparently run out of silver blanks, but here is another 'indicator' of what may lie beyond the daily rigged-manipulated paper spot prices on the COMEX if you can take the pain of wild paper gyrations and hold onto your physical.
- Things like this just make me go 'hmmmmmmm...' and opine that yes, what you do not know CAN hurt you.

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