Saturday, 26 January 2013

The smell of fear.................from Rico

My FIRST reaction to Thursday's and yesterday's precious metals spot price action was:
- WHY talk about activities on these trading days as they are ALL manipulated/manufactured, and ignored by the regulators?

Then I remembered the old Leslie Nielson film, "Naked Gun 2 1/2/The Smell of Fear" and I started to laugh!
- I could 'smell' the FEAR!

No, I won't bore you with the University of Dusseldorf study that concluded humans can smell fear.
- I will instead tell you that my dog CAN smell fear. I am his understudy, and am learning from him.

The market action in precious metals has been the usual options-expiry nonsense, but with a stench of FEAR this time. The manufactured price-action has been brutal, and the manipulated price-suppression absent any real selling is merely a cynical exercise in painting the tape with the blood of the Muppets.
- Something HUGE comes this way, and our Cartel banskta-gangsta's know it and FEAR it. They are trying to front-run it...and devil take the hindmost (the hindmost being the Muppets who can be 'skeered' into parting company with whatever they have left of value before the proverbial hits the oscillating blades).

I smell fear all right, but it's theirs and not mine!
- I am sitting tight!

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