Monday, 11 February 2013

A ONE, and a TWO...................from Rico

Lawrence Welk used to be famous for starting his band with "a one, and a two..." but today's market action in Gold and Silver was no Waltz by Lawrence and the band.
- It WAS a clever ONE-TWO manipulated paper smash, though. Just as 'orchestrated' as if it had been played by a band of musicians instead of a band of crooks and robbers.

Starting with the London open Gold and Silver were heavily sold, then a classic 'waterfall' paper smash was contrived at the COMEX open.
- Yes, contrived. Today was just another example of blatant, collusive, criminal activity manufactured by the paper bullion Cartel.

I rather expect to see yet another.
- Call it an early Valentine's present for Blythe from her flying monkeys!

But ALL the hypothecated and rehypothecated paper bullion that can be printed cannot fill an empty bullion vault indefinitely, however.
- Anyone holding 'good cash' bullion will ultimately be OK, but those holding paper bullion will be 'out of the money' in a most literal sense.

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