Sunday 17 February 2013

Almost a cure for the common cold?..................from Rico

The common cold. - Everyone gets them. Everyone hates them. When I started to sneeze a few days ago, I knew I was in for 7-10 days of a cold. - Sneezing. Stuffed-up nose. Coughing. What fun! Now, how many great discoveries have been made 'by accident?' - I happened to have some Matzoh soup in the pantry. Also four bottles of Guinness. Having read somewhere that chicken soup had an 'unidentified' ingredient that actually supported the old wives tale of being beneficial for a cold, and more recently that there was 'something' in beer (perhaps related to the hops) that reduced mucus production for cold sufferers, I had an "aha" moment. Combining the two, I decided to only consume one Guinness a day, and one bowl of chicken soup while enduring this cold. - Three days on, my cold is almost completely gone...actually this is day four, but I'm tired of soup and to accompany my last Guinness I'm hungry for bacon-wrapped jalapeno burgers (which are cooking right now) as I sip the Guinness. My "suffering time" has been reduced easily by about half. - Was it the chicken soup? The Guinness? Both in combination? Well, who cares? - I sure do! I feel pretty damned GOOD right now, and this is the easiest I have EVER gotten 'off' from my annual several-week headcold! I fully expect to be 100% by the dawn of day five. Just wanted to 'share' this eureeka moment as a public service...while not a 'cure' for the common cold, it almost is, and when you have a bad headcold 'almost' becomes good enough! Full disclosure: I hold no shares in Guinness, but sure wish I did!

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Toejam said...

I don't know about a Guinness cure for the common cold. I've never tried it.

However, I do use (room temperature) Guinness enemas to ease my colitis.

It seems to work.