Wednesday, 20 February 2013

American Financial Seppuku.................from Rico

About half (46%) of Americans carry a credit card balance from month to month, and most of them never pay off the balance making only small/minimal payments monthly while continuing to add to the balance. Consider: - The average American household carries an average of $15,956 in credit card debt. - Assume these cards carry the an average 12.83% interest rate. - Assume this average balance is 'carried' for 40 years (say from 25-65 years of age). Question: - How much did the credit card companies 'make' off of this averageness? Answer: - $2,629,618.64 This is how the average American commits financial Seppuku in slow-motion. Over a lifetime.

1 comment:

Trialdog said...

And they still can't make a profit.
But they have a great bonus system.
Provided you are at the top, and politically connected.