Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Burning down the house to save it?................from Rico

The "rule of law" has now become "rule BY the law"...something entirely different.
- At least according to the LAPD and the various 'agencies' that participated in this crime.

You won't hear the Ministry of Truth (MSM) talking about "due process" being dead like Dorner, but that is what happened today.
- It was burned alive. Doubtless the spinmeisters and apologists for tyranny will say it was "to 'save' it" or something equally nonsensical.

So was the precept of "innocent until proven guilty" which in the "new 'police state' normal" has just been transformed into "guilty until proven innocent"...IF, that is, some heavily armed regime thug doesn't decide on their own that a little extrajudicial murder isn't more convenient for them.

At least today, unlike at Waco, no children were burned was only freedom that was.


Anonymous said...

I'm okay with setting the cabin on fire. Dorner blew the head off one office that dared to peek into a window, and pumped several rounds into another as he ran from the house. The man was as dangerous as Bonnie and Clyde, and we don't view their deaths as a loss of freedom.

Bill said...

Rico! What nonsense. Based on Dorner's "manifesto," his list of targets and his subsequent actions, he was plainly a murderous nutbar, not a Rambo-esque hero and defender of freedom.

To take him out, I would have been happy to have used helicopter gunships were they available. The man was impervious to enticements to surrender barked at him by megaphone all afternoon, and equally unimpressed by "cold" teargas and gunfire. It was a happy by product of pyrotechnic CS gas canisters that the shack caught fire and perhaps killed Dorner the stubborn and murderous megalomaniac. I fear a less interesting end of him though. I think he shot himself.

Btw, I'm not just a friend of freedom, but a fighter for freedom both in mind and body. I wear Canada's Cold War Victory Medal proudly. I suffer capitalists and freedom fighters gladly.

Cap'n Bill, Victoria BC, Canada