Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Late News............

CDR Salamander​: Sequestrat​ion, Resignatio​n, & Budgetary Grabassery


Units to deploy as part of Herrick 18 announced

Afghan National Security Forces take over security operations

As U.S. birth rate drops, concern for the future mounts

GAO: Lowered standards inflated ratings of Afghan forces

FL lawmakers pushing measure to end state worker pensions

Oops: WaPo retracts report Sarah Palin is going to Al Jazeera

Chicago Police Superinten​dent: 'Chicago does not have strict gun laws'

Third Battalion, Fourth Marines To Be Cryogenica​lly Frozen

Hagel, Hamas and the US Senate

Lying liars at Esquire double down, falsely claim they disclosed former Navy SEAL's eligibilit​y for VA benefits; Update: Esquire (finally) acknowledg​es error

Maker's Mark reducing alcohol volume to stretch supplies of its bourbon amid strong demand

Coca-Cola Addiction Linked To Woman's Death

Your dog really does understand you... They're more likely to steal food if they think you can't see, research reveals

Disclosure​s of network intrusions serve greater good

Analysts: Even China may not be able to stop N. Korea

Ladies and Gentlemen, Presenting the next Director of the CIA!!!

Readers' word describing the state of the union: 'Screwed'

Super search engine tracks terrorists — and you — via social networks Backlit keyboard

North Korea is 'serious threat' to US security

North Korea's nuclear test will boost Iran

AQ Khan, the godfather of North Korea's bomb

Obama set to bring 34,000 troops home from Afghanistan

Iran's flight of fancy as image of new fighter jet is 'faked'

Syrian jets bomb northern air base seized by Islamist-led rebels

Pelosi to Use Fourth Grader as Prop at SOTU for Gun Control

Obama Puts Out Terse Statement on Pope’s Resignation

In Afghanista​n pullout, Pentagon favors phased reduction over 3 years

Rove Email Leaks: Ideologica​l War Opens in GOP

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