Saturday, 2 February 2013

Impression​s of Hagel: He's Not a Very Bright Guy.......................from Dan Friedman

[The best and the brightest? No way. This is not the man you want running the Department of Defense. The farm boy from Nebraska is a prevaricator- and one dumb Chuck. df]
[In one sense, I find Hagel’s performance somewhat reassuring. It’s clear whatever damage he might do to Israel will be eclipsed many times over by the damage he causes the United States. How can we ever thank you, Mr. Obama? df]


Anonymous said...

Yeah, saying he was a United States Senator and not an Israeli senator was over the top. What chutzpah!

K said...

Not being very bright is a feature, not a bug in this case. The Obama administration is going to deconstruct the military as part of his transformation of America. You need someone to take the heat for that up front and a(nother) stupid Republican is the perfect patsy.

Toejam said...

Hagel was one of a couple hundred-thousand "shake-an-bake" E5's in the Nam.


How many of those manufactured overnight Government Issued leaders would it take to screw in a light bulb?