Monday, 4 February 2013

IRA-401K Death Panels.................from Rico

Remember Obamacare?
- Yes, the legislative turd that was 'sold' as NOT being a tax, yet upheld by the Supreme Court because it WAS a tax? The one we were assured would NOT have 'death panels' but now apparently WILL?

Well, for more Government hilarity, look next to the last unspent pool of cash left. America's 'retirement' funds.
- They want to 'help' manage retirement accounts. This is very akin to Retirement Fund Death Panels, involving the mandatory transfer of good-cash assets into government bonds [read: government debt, ie. government promises to pay you back someday....hahhahahahahaha].

Yes, these same idiots who just made the recent Superbowl the 'greenest ever' [read: darkest] after spending $417 million tax-dollars post-Katrina, who couldn't make a 'go' of running a brothel and selling booze in Nevada, can't secure the borders, won't stop pork-spending (or borrowing to fund their complete waste of money), and are only willing to raise taxes now want to 'help' us?
- I guess they do not think the average American is (a) as smart as the Government is, and (b) is not smart enough to manage their own assets without Big Mother's guidance.

You cannot make this stuff up!
- The most fiscally irresponsible and bankrupt people on the planet unable to live within their means (government) wants to 'help' the fiscally responsible and solvent people who lived within their means and actually 'saved' by 'helping' them [read: stealing from them]?

But government had better hurry along and 'help themselves' to OPM (other people's money), since at the rate the FED is debasing the Dollar it will soon be worthless along with anyone who has saved in Dollars for retirement. And those 'bonds?'...they are essentially worthless right now, before retirees are forced at gunpoint to hold them.
- Here are some words to remember:

"Trust me, I'm from the Government."

"I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help."

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