Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Israel Exploits Arab Weakness - At Last!..................from Dan Friedman

[Nice to see Israel taking it to the other side for a change. She’s driven by necessity and events Israel can’t ignore - chaos, pandemonium and new Islamist threats coming in the aftermath of the Arab spring. But wait, there’s more! The consequences of the Arab upheaval also work in Israel’s favor. Israel’s antagonists in the Muslim world are disorganized, handcuffed and weaker. If Israel begins to appreciate the rewards of preemption, maybe Israel will suck it up and take it to Iran next. Of course, Israel’s other choice is easier and would please the world no end – Israel could opt for suicide. But frankly, I think Israelis have already made their decision to choose life and let their would-be killers be damned! Hopefully, this is the start of a trend. For Israel, neutering its enemies brings the Jewish state another step closer to being “a light unto the nations” and to “repair the world.” df]
BEIRUT February 4, 2013 (AP)
Syria's defense minister signaled Monday that his country won't hit back at Israel over an airstrike inside Syria, claiming the Israeli raid was actually in retaliation for his regime's offensive against rebels he called "tools" of the Jewish state.

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