Saturday, 16 February 2013

Israel's Rendition of Rendition................from Dan Friedman

[In her column today, Caroline Glick exposes the Obama Administration’s material support for radical anti-Israel NGOs. In the process, Glick also makes passing reference to Israel’s “Prisoner X” affair. But I’m betting the lamestream media is not finished with that story yet. After all, any opportunity to slander Israel is simply too good to pass up. df]
The media's overwhelming far left bias has been on shocking display this week with their wall-to-wall coverage of the story of the prison suicide of suspected traitor Benjamin Zygier. This man was apparently a double agent, a turncoat. He was imprisoned under a false name, as agreed to by him, his attorneys and his family. He killed himself. His body was sent to his family in Australia for burial. End of story.
Who cares about him? He was a traitor.

Read Caroline Glick’s entire column here

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