Friday, 8 February 2013


JETMAN GLIDER - Opening new dream lines of flight! The closest you can get to the ultimate unpowered human flight, with double the performance of a wingsuit, but no effort!


rhhardin said...

It seems unattractive to me, as an inefficient use of altidude if nothing else.

A few hundred hours goofing around in an ordinary light airplane produces what you always imagined was the intuition of flight. You have to learn to feel the response, is all.

It takes a long time to get the intuition.

TOF said...

If I heard him correctly, the glide ratio on that thing is 4.5:1. That's better than a brick or a wing suit, but not by a lot.

Mike Miles said...

Nice! Posted!

Struan Robertson said...

OUTSTANDING! Only three millenia from Icarus to Monsieur Rossy. I wants me one. Merci, Theo.