Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Late News............

UKIP And The Independents - An Alternative To Consider


National World War I Museum

WA gun bill includes police searches without warrants

Presidents in the Navy

Kurdish refugees have mixed feelings about Syria

George Washington​'s Birthday

Former E-1 Hired As Military Consultant On New Action Film

Crisis, averted: Maker's Mark won't be cutting down their alcohol volume

The US has finally abolished slavery!

Is the savior of the EU's debt crisis a long-dead American?

Brave New World by Victor Davis Hanson

Dems Purge Pro-Gun Heretics

New Hagel Story Could Alter the Equation

After rising for 32-consecu​tive days, gasoline prices set to continue trend

How Muslim proselytizing creeps into public schools by Frank Gaffney, Jr

The Islamic cloud over Brennan and Hagel

Five Months After Benghazi Murders: Killers Frolic Untouched There

Barack Obama's endless campaigning is getting tiresome

French children kidnapped 'by Boko Haram' in Cameroon

Major Chinese internet hacking base exposed

Useless Leftist Idiot to Give Useless Medal to Slightly Less Useless Leftist Idiot

The Trials and Tribulations of India’s Armed Forces

Obama Pushes Illegals Ahead of Legal Immigrants

America Over a Barrel

No upside down flag needed to identify America as a country in distress

Obama Suggests Sequester Wasn’t Designed to Happen

China rejects Philippine UN mediation effort

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