Thursday, 21 February 2013

Late News.................

White Londoners Are Now A Minority - Cultural Replacement Completed

What Spielberg and Kushner tell Republicans and Conservatives

BLACKFIVE: General Odierno Declares "The Greatest Threat to Our National Security" is Congress

Broadside Blog - Iwo Jima (Feb 19 - Mar 26, 1945)

This is No Way to Behave - World Affairs Journal

Bauxite, Soot, and the Promise of Technologi​cal Surprise

General Worried About Finding Job As Lobbyist, Defense Consultant After Retirement

Dem Senators look for someone to blame for Obamacare

NASA: Red Planet looks a little gray inside

Brown Shirts at ECU

Economists see gains from 'grand' budget deal

China: Come on in, the water is toxic

No Consensus on a Common Cause of Foot Pain

White House: Obama Called Hillary on Night of Benghazi Attack

Informatio​n Disseminat​ion: Why Ship Numbers Matter, Part XXXVI

Benghazi Survivors Remain Gagged by Federal Law

The Lululemon Murder: Videotapes of Police Interrogat​ion of Brittany Norwood, the Racist, Savage Murderer of Jayna Murray Just Released!

Yet another "safe harbor" e-mail account from ex-EPA chief? Really?

Warrantles​s Searches Proposed - for Third Time - by WA Democrats

Grow Up, S. E. Cupp

Dems Clueless about Combat

Italian Carabinieri joke?

Revealed: al-Qaeda's 22 tips for dodging drones

At least 11 killed and dozens injured as bombs tear through Indian city

War on Women: Taliban Kill 20% More Women and Girls

53% of Americans Want Illegal Aliens Deported

ObamaNation: At least $177 Million Used To Pay Federal Workers To Do Union Business

The Great Shiite Fleet - Iran boosts navy as U.S. withdraws aircraft carrier from Gulf

Hizballah on high alert, jockeys for a role in potential Syrian peace accord

Israel is the Victim not the Villain

The Flies Buzzing Around the Obamas

Big Bird Bounces Around the East Room

Damascus hit by its deadliest bombing

Netanyahu: Centrifuge report shows Iran nearing 'red line'

US News: Biden's legal advice will get you arrested

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