Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Month-long drive-bysh​ooting in Silver?...............from Rico

February has been an unusual month. It seems like sharkboy and friends seek to 'herd' the Muppets into the relative "safety" of dead housing, sovereign bonds (IOU's), inflated equities, and/or deflated currency. - The not-very-subtle message is clear: physical precious metals away; paper 'promises to pay' with 3rd-party liabilities in this direction. Let's 'look' at the MONTH of February, drilling-down to the 4-hr "window" from the 'open' of the US trading pre-market to the 'close' of EUrope's markets (~0730 ET to ~1130 ET). - Silver has been serially monkey-hammered in this daily window. - The black line on the month's intraday chart reflects the average DAILY performance of Silver, but our friend COMEX Al sez "'youse don't see nuttin'...get me?" It looks very methodical, predictable, and premeditated. It's like "knowing" the time and place where a drive-by shooting is going to happen. - If the CFTC were to be 'reached' I'm sure they'd reasonably conclude that it was indeed a remarkable coincidence, and promptly roll over and go back to sleep like the good market 'watchdog' they are.

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