Friday, 1 February 2013


All Is Fair in Blogging and Jihad

New England fishermen say new rules mean ruin

Rights group: Russia's crackdown on dissent is getting positively Soviet

Bell Helicopter​s' upgraded H-1 generates foreign interest

Dreadlock theft on the rise in South Africa

Icelandic girl wins right to use her given name

Iran tells IAEA it plans to add machines to enrich uranium

Say, why is there crime-scen​e tape wrapped around a playground attraction​?

Hagel: If confirmed, I'll be sure to learn much more about the Defense department

The EPA once again raises its biofuels standards - for biofuels that still do not exist

Amnesty Will Not Draw Hispanics to the GOP

IRS: Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family

Over-Ballyhoo'd Obama, FEMA Failed Them

Age of innocence: Beautiful homespun images capture early 20th century 'wonder years' when children ran barefoot instead of playing Xbox

Argentina pulls out of Falklands talks

Britain's Armed Forces can’t survive on a diet of fudge, Mr Cameron

North Korea covers tunnel at nuclear test site

Revolving Door Spins Again: Boston Globe’s Glen Johnson to Kerry’s State Department

Toothless sanctions? Iranian oil trade booming, China top buyer

Palestinians' Nazi-Style Youth Movement Prepares for Jihad

Chuck Hagel: Unworthy of Confirmation

Egypt: Free People Not Going Quietly Into the Sharia Night

Israel Threatened by Syria and Iran

US setting up Patriot missiles near Turkish-Syrian border

Australia’s Security Challenge

Israel’s air strike in Syria may be a taste of things to come, experts say

Immigration Reform - Why Immigrate to the U.S.

‘Socioeconomic time bomb’ ticking in troubled Egypt

Egypt on alert after opposition calls for mass protests

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