Monday, 11 February 2013


Salem Zahrani and Asaad Bshara Throw Down

What we have learned from christopher dorner, the angry ex-cop ....

Have hired guns finally scuppered Somali pirates?

Today is Submariner Day at Castle Argghhh!

Gen. Dempsey: Plans to arm Syrian rebels 'conceptua​l'

Moonbatter​y » Chuck Hagel in His Own Words

Pelosi: It's really a false argument to say we have a spending problem

Afternoon sex, affairs can be part of life on the road

February, 1813: War comes to Hampton Roads

Economic forecast: More jobs, faster growth

Intellectual savages?

Horse meat scandal due to 'endemic fraud in the food industry'

Fox attack: wildlife programmes encourage 'ridiculous' attempts at taming

Iran 'trying to build militias inside Syria'

Timbuktu: al-Qaeda's terrorist training academy in the Mali desert

France, the Sick Man of Europe

Defending Our Country

Iran Announces Satellite Launch - New drone capable of targeting enemy fighter jets, rogue theocracy claims

US withdrawal from Europe-based missile shield will impact Israel’s defense

7 Reasons China and Japan Won’t Go To War

Newsweek Editor-in-Chief Tina Brown: Obama Would Be Impeached If He Was Republican

Hillary Clinton and her HillaryClintonOffice.Com Take Comfort that LIV's a.k.a. Low Information Voters Don't Know and Will Never Ask, "What Difference Does What Make?"

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