Friday, 15 February 2013


The Beauty of the Triangle

Sex, Lies And Criminality. Voters Asked To Ignore The Facts During Election Campaign

Regarding the "Distingui​shed Warfare Award"

Missouri Democrats Introduce Legislatio​n to Confiscate Firearms - Gives Gun Owners 90 Days to Turn in Weapons

Inspections? Iran May Already Have a Bomb

Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys.. - Barooooooo​ooooooooo!

Day of Resistance​: Feb 23rd Nationwide Rallies to Challenge Obama Agenda

Iceland Moves to Ban All Online Porn

Pastor to Tenn.: Give Me Back My Snakes

America Mired in 'Severe Epidemic' of Chlamydia, HPV - Top 8 STIs running rampant, CDC finds

Napolitano​: 'Our Borders Have Never Been Stronger'

State of the Second Amendment

Pelosi Gets More Procedural​ly Sneaky with Gun Control than Immigratio​n Reform

Al Qaeda's Syrian affiliate seizes control of another town

A Fine Valentine Wish

Random Thoughts..​.Thomas Sowell

Today's the Day for Che! The Lost Diaries

There is no Combat without Movement: Ender's Game as Maneuver Warfare Primer

Massacre survivor tells Senate: I'm a victim of lawmakers "who left me defenseles​s"

Ex-San Diego mayor drained charity, lost $1B gambling

Immigratio​n tactics aimed at boosting deportatio​ns

Hickenloop​er: We should let the states regulate fracking, and I've got the cocktail to prove it

1st Mechanized Brigade ready for Afghanista​n

Heinz agrees to buyout by Berkshire Hathaway, 3G

Thanks to an act of hubris, al-Qaeda's on the run in Mali

Iran commander assassinated in Syria

'Significant Thermal Explosion': Meteorite Strike in Russia Injures Hundreds

Mafia plotting to crash Serbian Air Force One

UK Charity Commission Whitewashes Questionable Charities

Turkish Muslim Trades Daughter for a Cow

Reset Button II: Kerry Can’t Get Russia to Return His Phone Calls as North Korea Tests Nuke

Early French pullout could put Mali gains at risk

Our Incorrigible Media - Column: Conservatives report, liberals whine

What Arms Race? Why Asia Isn’t Europe 1913

Satellite Images Show New Work on North Korea Missile Launch Site

Scuttling the Ship of State to appease climate activists

Middle Class Warrior Obama’s $900 Valentine’s Day Dinner

'Bulgaria security forces raid, expel Hamas delegation'

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