Saturday, 16 February 2013


AJ Dicken, Fake Navy SEAL

Caption Contest

Beer Buckets Are Multifunctional

Want don't need

North Korea tells China of preparatio​ns for fresh nuclear test

Lying For Votes - PR Man Cameron Demontrates How It's Done

EPA Corruption and Scandal

CNN reporter to poop-cruis​e passenger: This was a little bit like Katrina, wasn't it?

BLACKFIVE: Department of Epic Douchebagg​ery...

Turkey builds closer oil links with Kurds, angering US

Sequester looking pretty inevitable

US government funding radical Israeli NGOs' information operations

Minnesota Democrats discover their party really likes taxes

Why is the Department of Homeland Security buying so many bullets?

MN Democrats Abandon 'National Conversati​on' on Guns - Literally

Is Mormonism a Cult? Well, Yes, But So What?

Two Black Men: One an Inspiration, the Other a Monster

In the Mojave, the Greywolves see the future fight

Pelosi says congressio​nal pay cuts undermines respect of the work

Left Targets Cruz, Conservati​ves--but Case Against Hagel Stronger than Ever

Envy Is Ugly Alert: Liberals Call SI Swimsuit Issue Racist

Broadside Blog - Advice for student pilots

Cruise ship Carnival Triumph arrives safely in Mobile

Carnival Triumph: From sewage on the sea to salvation in the streets

Alan Parsons' latest project: Show at Vinyl

Schools served meals containing horse meat

EU battle over move to ease arms flow for Syrian rebels

Iran is taking same path to nuclear weapons as North Korea, says Ban Ki-Moon

Michelle Vacationing Separately From President Obama

Obama SOTU: Rinse, Wash, Repeat

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