Saturday, 2 February 2013

No Problem!................from Rico

Believe what you are told, sheeple!
- Ignore the putrid smell of a rotting economy.

There is NO problem!
- Media 'spin' or Government 'BS' ...or how about LYING?

The MSM headlines based on the BLS jobs report BS would have you believe that 157,000 jobs were added in January, but they overlook the fact that the number of Americans with jobs dropped 1,446,000 between December and January.
- Did you see that reported anywhere?

Here are some other unreported facts:
- The percentage of the US labor force that is employed has been steadily FALLING since 2006.
- The number of Americans 'NOT in the labor force' during Barry's first four years is more than three times greater than the entire decade of the 1980's 'not in the labor force' number.
- In 2007 146 million Americans were employed, today only 141.6 million Americans are employed...and the working-age population has increased.

Doing MORE of the same things that have not worked, will NOT work.
- There is NO "recovery."
- Things are NOT going to get "better."
- NOTHING has been "fixed."

Time for LOSAC (laughter of scorn and contempt), and then immediately 'buckle-up' because things are going to get worse!
- Much worse.

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