Thursday, 14 February 2013

Playing Craps at the COMEX......................from Rico

Despite the now daily 'paper raids' by the Cartel, the total Open Interest in Silver has stubbornly remained at an elevated level (above 150K) and the Banksta's have not yet been able to induce rollovers into May quite fast enough to suit them.
- I think they are getting worried, and smell their fear.

Thus we have another 'typical' abnormal trading day when 90 million ounces of paper Silver are 'dumped' into the market in an effort to separate the Muppets from their money.
- This is NOT something a trader does to maximize profits, but it IS something the huge naked shorts will do to run the stops and drive the price artificially lower.

The COMEX casino is a 'rigged' game with loaded dice, and your average 'leveraged' players are just begging to lose their money.
- They would be best advised to 'forget' trying to get rich playing leveraged bets and just buy physical and sit tight for now, fading the hustle by not playing.

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