Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Still 'trading?' Fuggedabou​did!................from Rico

To badly paraphrase Ann Barnhardt, if you are still in the markets you're either stupid or on drugs. Still 'trading?' - Fuggedaboudid! The Bernank 'speaks' to Congress at 10:00 ET. - Gold and Silver 'drop' precisely on cue...thanks to yet another 'manufactured' paper rad by the Cartel. FORGET fundamentals, technical analysis, charts. Forget them ALL. - The ONLY thing one needs to be an 'expert' trader in today's massively manipulated and 'rigged' markets is a calendar. These games are more predictable...and precisely timed...than a Swiss watch.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like for today metals had the last hurrah, Rico. Also as if on cue, gold rocketed up precisely as that ass Schumer began to parse monetary reality in order to softball his boss, Bernanke.

We are f*cking Rome.