Friday, 22 February 2013

The Simple Math of "Sequestra​tion"........................from Shelly

The Simple Math of "Sequestration". (My rant)

It is TWO (2) PERCENT people, not of the entire budget, just the amount of the planned increase in the coming years over the last year!!!!

It means that we will still spend more than last year, just TWO (measly) (2%) PERCENT less that which was budgeted (if we had a budget, which we haven't had in years, thanks to Harry Reid and the Senate Democratic majority)

If you and I had to face a reduction in our budgets of 2% we would cut out things like Starbuck's coffee and maybe a vacation or and maybe gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, donations to various groups we support, etc.

The government can do it as well. Senator Rand Paul is RETURNING $600,000 from his budget that was unspent; each other lawmaker can follow suit. The President and his Empress and Princesses can take less vacations and date nights that cost us hundreds of millions of dollars and just do what others did, go to Camp David outside of Washington, D.C. (how very boring) but, it saves us Air Force One and tons of helicopters, support planes and vehicles of all kinds and descriptions ready for war if it happens. Ever think how much that costs?

In short, it is all just a dog and pony show by the President to try to fix what he originated, The Sequestration itself; indeed, it was HIS idea in the first place. (A fact which he doesn't want anyone to realize)

My solution: Have the Republican House pass a measure that retains the 2% reduction in increase, and allows the President and his administration to cut the money out of any program(s) they want.

It's only 1.2 Trillion over TEN YEARS. How else will we ever get the deficit under control if we don't start now???

Let candidate Obama fulfill his promise to "...go line by line, and reduce and terminate any programs that don't work...".

He can start with free telephone, food stamps, and whatever subsidies they handout to increasingly larger and larger numbers of people entirely dependant upon the Federal Government; those who have stopped working because they make more money by just voting for Obama.

While he's at it, he can stop extending the years they can be on unemployment and re-examine those on "disability" who spend their days playing tennis, golf and enjoying life, while we work to pay for them and they laugh at us.

When Bill Weld became Governor of Massachusetts, he ordered that everyone on disability retirement from the state be re-examined by doctors employed by the state; over 25% did not even show up for their exam!!! Extrapolate that number across the United States...there's your budget fix, right there.

(End of rant)

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