Sunday, 24 February 2013

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Are We Losing Good Sailors?

Panic In The White House

CDR Salamander​: 52-min of BB

Is Oregon writing the Worst. Gun. Law. Evah?

DHS Contractor Apologizes For Selling Shooting Targets depicting pregnant women, gun owners in residential settings

Officials remain hopeful Navy SEAL will be found

BLACKFIVE: On This Day In 1945

Oops: US Luge Team Loses Its Sleds - Pennsylvan​ia State Police are on the case

Kurdistan'​s Peshmerga: We need the same quality weapons as Iraqi army

Woodward: Why is Obama still misleading everyone on the sequester?

Pensacola Naval Hospital will work with VA to treat veterans close to home

Chief of Naval Operations: Sequestration will not affect Austal's existing LCS and JHSV contracts

Florida lawmaker firm on tax exemption for military housing

So, can we stop worrying about "peak oil" now?

Famous 'Victory or Death' letter returns to Alamo

Can Republiphi​les accept a liberty candidate?

Sens. Tom Udall And Richard Blumenthal Tied For First In Rankings For “Most Liberal Senator"

After 62 years, Marine's fate remains unknown

Blame Jane! Ted Turner's son running for Congress as a Republican says Fonda turned his dad into a liberal

And the Oscar for government subsidies goes to

More gun companies not selling to law enforcemen​t in anti-2nd Amendment states

The public sector mustn't be a sacred cow

Wind farms 'will create more carbon dioxide'

Argentina dispatch: the troubled reign of Queen Cristina of Argentina

China's countrymen struggling with a 'sick' Mother Earth

Teenager from Ireland is killed in Syria

Flying high: Iran seizes 'another foreign' spy drone

60% of America Covered in Snow, Global Warming to Blame

Texas Moves to Block Police from Enforcing New Federal Gun Laws

6 Ways to Prevent a Conflict Between Tokyo and Beijing

Mali Islamists recruit child soldiers from local schools, leaving ‘untold number’ dead in fighting

Obama: Marxist Revolutionary

The Rocket’s Red Glare

Woodward: White House Invented the Sequester

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Sunset Our condolences go out to Birddog and his family.

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