Thursday, 14 March 2013

Arab Media: Kerry/Obam​a Go Wobbly on Assad........................from Dan Friedman

[From this we learn the diplomatic cliché "destabilizing the region" is not a freakin' cliché. How can we ever thank you Barry, and your Arab Spring? Please, sir, when you arrive in Israel, bear in mind your timing is perfect. This is your moment to lean on Israel and pressure her to cede her Biblical and strategic heartland to Arabs who want to destroy her. Surely, with all the chaos spinning around her, you'll find Israel in a giving mood. Rotsa ruck! df]
Times of Israel, March 14, 2013
Arab columnist criticizes the Obama administration’s change of heart regarding dialogue between government and opposition
Western diplomatic talk about arming the anti-Assad rebels in Syria leads the news in Arab media on Thursday, as Lebanon requests financial assistance to cope with an influx of refugees from Syria.

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