Monday, 18 March 2013

Dream or Nightmare?................from Rico

Stupid just never seems to take a break in the 'changed' America. - And America HAS changed from the 1950's to today. Don't believe it? Go to WallyWorld and look around for yourself. After the last eruption of sheer stupidity when American voters re-elected M3 (the Marxist-Muslim-Metrosexual)* after he had clearly demonstrated what an abject disaster he was for four years, many opined whether America could survive...not four more years of Barry Whatever-his-name-is, but an electorate so incandescently stupid as to re-elect him. - I tink I may have to rename M3 to M4* (Mendacious-Marxist.Muslim-Metrosexual). I not only agreed with that 'survive' assessment, but made another of my own not long ago...that the Hillarybeast would run for pResident in 2016 (and probably 'win'). Well, the "progressives" seem to have gone me one better last week and are now 'floating' the idea of a "dream ticket' for 2016...Hillary AND Moochelle. [The 'floating' being an apt metaphor.] - Almost like looking at their brains under a lab side, I can 'see' all he attractions: First woman president, first woman VP, Billy and Barry as first-hubbies, first dual-Clintonian reign as pResident...setting the stage, for another regnum of the first-ever dual-Obama pResidency. Some might see this as a real 'nightmare'...but such as they probably do not embrace the idea that a Marxist and a Racist in 2016 would somehow improve their lot in life very much.

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