Friday, 29 March 2013

Games.................from Rico

It is Good Friday today. The US markets (if one can still call them 'markets' and not a rigged puppet show) are closed.

Why then have the GLOBEX price feeds gone wonky? - The bullion spot markets are all over the place in the absence of trading activity.

Maybe som 40# brain accidentally left an 'algo' switched-on by mistake.
- Not that HFT's wth algo's are gaming the markets, or anything.

Then there is that 'other' game. The 'new' game that is coming to you. No point in running and hiding. It will find you. You will play. Like it or not. Whether you find it great fun or not.
- It's pretty obvious that insolvent governments and banks have turned-away from the 'old' game of "sanctity of private property" and "rule of law" and farted in their general direction, implementing an entirely 'new' game called PLUNDERALL!

Here's how the new game works:

1. It has three moving parts. - Inflation - Taxation - Confiscaton

2. It has two to three players. - You, represented by the Muppet game piece. - The Banksta, represented by this piece: - The Government (only when completely 'broke'):

3. It uses your choice of fiat money (worthless paper). - A selection (at history) comes with the game for convenience.*

4. There is only one outcome. - You (the Muppet) lose.

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