Monday, 25 March 2013

Good Friday. Easter Sunday. Wabbit!....................from Rico

It promises to be a very 'interesting' [read: volatile] four-day week in the US markets.

- It's already 'off' (pun intended) to a post-Cyprus start.

While I was considering the ramifications of the theft of Cypriot depositor money to pay for the errors of both banks and governments, Louie-the-dog reminded me that Easter loomed large. And while this means "meltng chocolate, jelly beans, and excited kiddies" for most, I had better get my act together NLT than Good Friday re: Easter Sunday's feast.

- As usual, he's correct.

We will be having WABBIT, our customary holiday favorite, and need to start deciding whether it will be 'hasenpfeffer' or 'Ostrova' style.

- No, Welsh rare-bit is not a consideration. Neither of us is vegetarian, and that dish contains no rabbit. Ain't happening.

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