Monday, 11 March 2013

Is it Time to Give Up French Wine? Dan Friedman

[France is in the proud vanguard of the current worldwide Jew-hating frenzy. And it’s not just her Muslims. Though they thrive in the French atmosphere, it’s also average Frenchmen carrying on the grand traditions of Dreyfus and Vichy. df]
Associated Press, March 11
PARIS — A French mayor has angered Israel by granting honorary citizenship to a Palestinian convicted in the killing of an Israeli government minister.


Fred Z said...

I gave it up a long time ago. Italian too.

Being socialist bastards, neither the French nor the Italians produce good value for money. Their wines are over priced for what you get, by a lot.

I'm currently giving Spain and Portugal a go for wine. Socialist idiots too, but being further along the path to ruin, they are now forced to sell excellent wines for next to nothing. I just finished a fabulous 2000 Dehesa La Granja which I got for $22.00.

If the Italians and French even have anything to compete, they'll be wanting 60-70 a bottle and they can bite me.

Cargosquid said...

France sells wine?


Tamas52 said...

I never have read this amount of ignorance in one page in my life.
French wine is not a political issue, but Your moronic logic and racists uneducated blobs is a clear testament you wasted your time in that liitle school you ever attended...
France was is the absolute keeper of good food good wine and love of life and culinary tradition , even so you uneducated boobs ,try to make a point
Get some education before you vomit online ...

John said...

Well, time will tell who is correct about the fate of France.
But I'm afraid that the future of French wine-making is seriously in doubt. The country is heading for a Muslim majority. Already a large percentage of the farm workers are coming from these recent immigrants, and Mohammedans don't drink or permit alcohol which includes wine.

How much do you think people will pay for French grape juice?