Thursday, 28 March 2013

Is the "jig" about up?.....................from Rico

Last Friday saw huge raids on the COMEX in Gold and Silver.

- Not unexpected, but rather business-as-usual for the Cartel on/around options expiry on the COMEX...which was the following Monday. Fancy that!?

The paper raids have been a daily event since, as there are still a few days to 'persuade' people not to stand for physical delivery (the "First Day Notice" for same being this Thursday).

Has anyone been looking at the growing divergence between PAPER Gold and Silver (the COMEX 'spot' price and the paper ETF's GLD and SLV) and demand for PHYSICAL Gold and Silver (bullion)?

Central Banks certainly are adding to their physical stockpiles of Gold, but it also seems that many 'Muppets' have things figured-out as well.

- Look at what physical demand is doing while the paper 'spot' prices are manipulated and suppressed.

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