Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Ignoring COMEX 'pricing'.​...............................from Rico

The paper scheme at the COMEX is increasingly being ignored, mainly as a result of the blatantly transparent paper-smash last 4-12/4-15.

- It was a flawlessly executed battle plan, but this time it is clear that while you can 'win' a battle, you also can 'lose' the war. And make no mistake, WAR it is...between virtual paper and physical bullion.

For example. the 'premium' on physical Silver has almost DOUBLED since the paper smash almost two weeks ago, with actual premiums reaching 40% IF you can find any bullion.

- There is an obvious shortage of Silver bullion already, and signs of a shortage of Gold bullion are popping-up in too many places for it not to follow suit.

The COMEX and the paper Masters of the Universe have so obvioucly unplugged from reality, that Ann Barnhardt's prophetic words are belatedly being understood by the public: "If you're still in the market, you're either stupid or on drugs."

- It's worth observing that the physical market prices of Silver and Gold bullion are now at (or higher) than the paper COMEX price was just weeks ago.

Ben and friends, sanguine in their long record of successful manipulation, were overconfident this time around and made a BIG mistake.

- Possibly a fatal mistake...for the paper game.

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