Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Late News.................

The most shocking news you won't see in the MSM today

NASA: Mars missing most of its atmosphere

Mitch McConnell Joins Filibuster Against Gun Control

Sigh: George Washington University students attempt to oust priest after discoverin​g he's Catholic

We're just a bunch of Dexters in Bill Maher's world...

Steep Decline in Wisconsin Public Union Membership

IRS Now Robo-audit​s Your Spending

Punitive Taxes: Backdoor Gun Control

Russian Man Allegedly Shoves Foot Up Rectum Of Friend, Killing Him: Unconfirme​d Report

How the US Can Bring Down North Korea: Stay Out

Victory for freedom: Bill banning Sharia in Florida family cases passes state Senate panel

Scrawled 'Help' Message Leads to Woman's Rescue - Australian was stuck for three days in national park

Obama Attacks IRAs

Today's Tiny 'Wires' Make Police Work Way Easier - Try finding one before accepting that bribe

Teen: I Was Raped by 4 200-Pound Women - Toronto police seek alleged assailants

Fox: Lawsuit Could Force Us to Go Subscripti​on-Only - Suing Aereo for stealing its signal

PETA: Our Drones Will Catch Abusive Hunters - Animal rights group announces 'impressiv​e new weapons' See new ammo post down page.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq claims merger with Syria's Jabhat al-Nusra

Twitter uproar as Uganda minister announces plan to ban miniskirts

Earthquake hits near Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant

Don’t Cut it Too Close, Mr. President

Star Trek Meets the U.S. Navy

Four Lessons of the Falklands War

North Korea to fire ballistic missile to Pacific. Iran unveils new uranium-processing facilities

Margaret Thatcher did not divide, but merely highlighted the divide already there

and finally...........

Former Vice Mayor of Tennessee Town Accused of Terrorizing Dozens of Women with ‘Drive-By Masturbation’ Some great comments (H/T Bob C)

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Anonymous said...

That last headline.... it's more correctly called a "drive-by whacking".