Saturday, 6 April 2013

Not IF, but WHY?.........................from Rico

Anyone who is not deaf-dumb-blind (yes, I mean YOU Obamunistas) is very aware of the expansion of the American Police is NOT an IF.

- The armored vehicles, the hollow-point ammo, the domestic drones, the fusion centers, the Gestapo-esque DHS itself are all fact.

None of this creation of a Stasi-state is to protect Americans from terrorism.

- That is the 'excuse'...the fig leaf hiding the ugly truth. Not the WHY.

Then WHY?

With a large portion of Americans on food stamps, or some form of unsustainable welfare entitlement, eventually (soon) the government will be broke. El busto, and the benefits gravy train will stop. When that happens, and people cannot afford food, medication, or energy they will take to the streets.

- What happened in Greece, Tunisia, or Egypt will then happen here. Just on a bigger scale. This is exactly what they are preparing for. This is WHY the police state apparatus is being sharply ramped-up. The situation will have to be 'dealt' with, and it won't be dealt with gently or kindly.

And some people will wind up in FEMA camps, but many others will be victims of democide (death by government).

- This is what is expected by our elected tormentors. I think....for once...they are correct.

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