Thursday, 23 May 2013


A LTjg Captures Miss Virginia’s Eye

Liberals Are Now Shocked, Shocked at Obama’s Culture of Intimidation

Amphibians dying off at alarming rate

Holder says four U.S. citizens killed in drone strikes

Lois Lerner, IRS disaster

Florida city owners battle over treehouse

Man find Superman Action Comics No. 1 in his walls, sells for $100,000

West Pointer busted for taking nude photos of cadets

N.J.: Bars put cheap booze in premium bottles

Lerner May Have Waived Right to Take the Fifth

Massive Attack - Israeli general warns air force will strike Syrian weapons facilities if nation collapses

Stratfor Email: Brennan Behind 'Witch Hunt' of Journalists Reporting Leaks

House Lawmakers Sprint Through Nuclear Arms Spending Debate

It's come to this: Venezuela approves funds to relieve the toilet-pap​er shortage

FAO: Ukraine may become world's sixth largest wheat exporter by 2021

Issa: Lerner waived her rights by giving an opening statement, so we're bringing her back before the committee

Cruz: No, "I don't trust the Republican​s" with the debt ceiling

Video: Former IRS commission​er isn't quite sure if targeting scheme violated American values

White House scandals stem from politics at the top

Commander warns about potential Fort Drum brigade loss

Protests on Okinawa aren't always what they appear to be

Marine Unit Forced Back From Sea Deployment After Encounteri​ng Biological Weapon

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