Friday, 24 May 2013


Ladies, Do Learn How to Use a Gun

Stiff competition for Most Fatuous Reaction award by Melanie Phillips

CDR Salamander​: Fullbore Friday

EagleSpeak​: Memorial Day

Four-legge​d veteran was hero to many

Nepal Furious About Phone Call Atop Everest - British climber didn't get permission for interview

Stryker brigade in Hawaii needs review, Army general says

Pelosi on Obama's responsibi​lity for IRS: Should Boehner have known of wrongdoing since the office was in Cincinnati​?

Thank you Hafez al-Assad by Caroline Glick

Against the odds: Could Democrats regain the House?

Holder signed off on warrant for James Rosen records

Zimmerman defense releases new photos of Trayvon Martin

The Philippine​s Would Like a Word With Dan Brown - Government official unhappy with 'gates of hell' descriptio​n

Women Strip, Men Judge Their Bodies on Danish TV Show 'Blachman'

IRS replaces official involved in Tea Party controvers​y

Ecuador Pegasus satellite fears over space debris crash

WH Dossier Identifies Perfect Location for Gitmo Prisoners

Swedish Multiculturalism Goes Awry

The New, Improved Axis of Jihad

Assad makes small but strategic gains in Syrian civil war as rebels begin to lose hope

Marine Unit Forced Back From Sea Deployment After Encountering Biological Weapon

Woolwich attack: why was suspect Michael Adebolajo free to kill?

Russia: Can The Gas Empire Strike Back?

Rubio's poll numbers mean amnesty could be held off this year

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